About Us

AGM Plc was created in 1998 as a holding company for Acorn Mechanical Services and Aquatech Ltd. Over the years AGM have acquired a number of brands and companies which allow us to provide quality products and services on projects from cradle to grave.

Aquatronic Group Management plc operates under eight brand names and one stand-alone company offering a range of services and products which include:

  • Manufacture, installation and maintenance of water booster pump systems and pressurisation units
  • Manufacture, installation and maintenance of bespoke gates and railings
  • Statutory inspections of engineering appliances
  • Supply of engineering materials including industrial tube & fittings
  • Manufacture and supply of sheet metal components

Our Mission

We want our customers to feel that they can trust and rely on us, so it is important to us that we supply high quality products with an exceptional service to follow. We make it our mission to successfully design, develop and supply a superior product backed with an unrivalled service. At AGM Plc we see no place for poor quality, poor workmanship or poor customer experience.