Pumpseal are now part of Aquatronic Group Management Plc.

From the 1st of November Pumpseal of Southampton have become part of the AGM Group.

Sunny, successful AGM Summer Party

Due to the fact that everyone has so many commitments running up to Christmas, AGM decided to hold a Summer Party this year, for all staff and family.

AGM are looking to the future by appointing three new Directors

Companies must always look ahead and as part of their future planning policy AGM have appointed three new Directors who will sit on the AGM Board of Directors from April 2018 helping to shape the company in the coming years.

A big thank you to AGM from the British Telemark Team

The support AGM have shown myself and the team has been life changing.

AGM Share Sponsorship of The British Skiing Telemark Team Kit

The British Skiing Telemark Team start the season wearing their new kit by sponsor Dare 2b, carrying the AGM logo.

New Factory Helps Celebrate 45th Anniversary

Aquatronic Group Management Plc celebrate their 45th anniversary by building a new factory at Copford.

AGM Support British Telemark Ski Team

AGM has loaned the British Telemark Ski Team the use of a VW Transporter van kitted out to carry up to 8 team members.

AGM Support Children’s Health and Education in Uganda

Next Spring two of AGM’s Service Engineers, Melvin and Phil Cotton will be installing a solar powered water pump supplied by AGM at a school and orphanage near Jinga, 70 kilometres north of the equator in Uganda.

AGM Plc Become Part of Carbon ‘Offsetting’ Scheme

AGM Plc have become part of a Carbon ‘Offsetting’ Scheme with AllStar Ecopoint, Carbon ‘offsetting’ is the means in which an individual or business invests back in to the environment to counteract their unavoidable CO2 emissions.

Autron Products Ltd Closure

Unfortunately due to market forces Aquatronic Group Management Plc have had to take the difficult decision to close Autron Products Ltd.