Donation to St Helena Hospice

In memory of their Chairman David Taylor, AGM and his friends have made a donation to St Helena’s Hospice Colchester, enabling them to buy 23 new television sets.

Solar Pump for School in Uganda

Following last year’s successful trip, AGM Service Engineers Melvin and Philip Cotton gave up their holiday to carry out a further installation of a water pump and solar panel at Alpha and Omega School and Orphanage in Uganda.

Well done Vince

AGM/Aquatech Pressmain continue to invest in the next generation of personnel as well as products.

Danny’s AGM Story over 30 years – in his own words

After 31 years, AGM Service Engineer Danny still enjoys his job and being part of a progressive company which has kept a good reputation all the years he has worked for it.

Ben’s AGM Story over 20 years – in his own words

Currently an AGM Installation Engineer, Ben started his career in the mechanical workshop, manufacturing the Aquatech Pressmain brand of Booster Sets and Pressurisation units.

Telemark on BBC Ski Sunday

This week’s edition of Ski Sunday will feature AGM sponsored Telemark skier Jasmin Taylor at the first round of the Telemark Would Cup in La Thuile Italy.

Pumpseal are now part of Aquatronic Group Management Plc.

From the 1st of November Pumpseal of Southampton have become part of the AGM Group.

Sunny, successful AGM Summer Party

Due to the fact that everyone has so many commitments running up to Christmas, AGM decided to hold a Summer Party this year, for all staff and family.

AGM are looking to the future by appointing three new Directors

Companies must always look ahead and as part of their future planning policy AGM have appointed three new Directors who will sit on the AGM Board of Directors from April 2018 helping to shape the company in the coming years.

A big thank you to AGM from the British Telemark Team

The support AGM have shown myself and the team has been life changing.