Solar Pump for School in Uganda

Following last year’s successful trip, AGM Service Engineers Melvin and Philip Cotton gave up their holiday to carry out a further installation of a water pump and solar panel at Alpha and Omega School and Orphanage in Uganda. For which AGM provided the funding.

 “We are pleased to be able to help and give something back into the community and make a real difference to the lives of the children.” Commented Mark Taylor C.E.O.

Report by Melvin Cotton

This was a second visit to install a solar pump system at Alpha and Omega School and Orphanage. The one we installed last year runs dry when there is no rain, so with the latest installation they have a double supply now. We have also raised enough money to install electric supply to this school. All dormitories and administration buildings now have lighting and 240v sockets. This has changed the way the school can operate, classes can now go on after dark and as that happens quite early, big improvements in education standards have been noticed.

A knock on effect is an improvement in the children’s health, the medical centre was empty all the time we were there. In the past 3 or 4 children were in the beds of the medical centre some very ill with Maleriaor water born illnesses. Nets for all beds and fresh water supply has put an end to this.

The second project came to a halt when the 10,000 litre water tank failed to arrive. We have left the funds for this to be completed over the next few weeks. It’s all ready to go, 130 meter bore hole drilled and 5 meter high tank frame in position ready for local contractors to finish.

Then on the lighter side we attended an African wedding and a graduation party, helped to pull in a fishing net on Lake Victoria and gave out bags and bags of clothes, that were gratefully received. Very busy trip, mostly successful but totally humbling.

With some of the funds left over from the solar pump installation, some new play equipment was bought for the orphanage.